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Dear community of Turner & Townsend Spain ... Welcome to the Global Games 2023!

We are thrilled to announce that Turner & Townsend is hosting, as in previous years, a remarkable charitable initiative called Global Games. Where, in addition to organizing various sporting activities and submitting it in our mobile app in order to register your progress and take part in our global games, we will be partnering with Save the Children for our Global Games 2023 fundraising campaign!

We would like to emphasize that there is no minimum amount required for participation, but we do encourage you all to participate with donations for this great cause.

The Global Games will start on 18/09/2023 for a duration of 4 weeks ending on the 15/10/2023.

To complete your sign up, p lease also ensure you visit - https://turntown.sharepoint.com/sites/GLOBAL-GAMES/SitePages/Submit-your-weekly-progress.aspx 

Together we will help Save the Children get closer to their goal of reaching every last child. For over 100 years, Save the Children has done whatever it takes to create a world helping millions of children who are dying from preventable causes, facing poverty, violence, disease or hunger. We are proud to do our part to ensure that every child has the best chance for a bright future!

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